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A Million Samples Documentary & Sample Library
06 April
Published in: Whats new?

I am more than pleased to announce the first WickieMedia documentary "A Million Samples".
It's going to be a full-length "WickieMedia style" documentary, all about sampling and the history of samplers.

With great video material, animations, interviews, in-depth explanations about all kinds of samplers and why thay have a certain sound.

I have prepard a lot for this documetary already in the last few months and I'm looking forward to making this into a unique documentation!

I am going to need your help to make this project become reality!

It's a lot of information so I have made a dedicated website for this project which you can find on : http://amillionsamples.wickiemedia.net.

A million samples - WickieMedia

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Fairchild limiter plugin collection (UAD)
23 November
Published in: Plugins explained

In this plugin walkthrough I'm looking at the new Fairchild plugin collection by Universal Audio..
UA has recently renewed their Fairchild plugin, and added 2 newly modeled versions to the new FairChild limiter collection.

The Fairchild 660 and the 670 models each have their own sound and harmonic distortion. The plugin bundle consists of both of these 'vintage compressors' modeled after the original hardware and the legacy 670 plugin.

In this video I'm doing a complete walkthrough of the plugin.

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Social media artwork template
10 November
Published in: Photoshop
**Update 11-15-2013.
Updated the Social media PSD with the new Google+ Layout. I had to delete the overlay-image since it did not align with the (much) shorter header image that Google plus now uses.

Because of the re-occuring problem of fitting a new logo in to the 'square format' that most social media websites use for the avatar-image, I have made this easy to use photoshop template for you to check out what your logo will look like on various social media websites.
It's a photoshop CC document, and with the Image assets generator you can live-export all the needed files to upload your avatar and cover art for all your social media websites to create a consistent look.

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Episode 7 - Digital Audio (Sample Rate & Bit Depth)
04 November
Published in: Season 3 - Mixing

samplerates and bitdepth explained

In today's tutorial we're looking at digital audio.
When we're working with digital audio we will run into various questions.
In this video and post I'm explaining the basics of sampling, samplerates and bitdepth. What are the differences between a 44.1 KHz samplerate and a 48 KHz samplerate? Find the answers to those questions and more! 

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