Audio Engineering Tutorials
WickieMedia offers all it's audio tutorials on the website and youtube channel completely for free with the intention to offer high quality content which is easily accessible for everyone. The Copyright of the videos, animation and any other content created in the videos belongs to WickieMedia. It is strictly forbidden to sell, moderate or re-upload the content WickieMedia is offering.
-The copyright and trademarks of the logo's and interface design of hardware/software that is being used for demonstational and educational purposes in videos or articles by wickiemedia belong to the rightful owners.
Register to the website.
You can register to the website by creating an account here. Once you're account is created and activated you can log-in to the WickieMedia website. Once logged in you have access to all the free downloads found in the downloads section here.
Paid downloads can be purchased through the shop. For downloadable products you don't have to fill in your shipping details.
The WickieMedia Community is a great place to find likeminded audio-engineers and music producers.
You can join the Community for free by registering to the website here. Or you can also log-in with your social Media login for easy access.


Join or create a group to interact with other members on the platform.


Once registered you can access the profile on WickieMedia here.
You can post status updates, change your avatar image and cover-image, fill in your interests and much more.


We're constantly updating the website and the WickieMedia Community Section. There's some really cool new features that we've got planned for near-future releases. Interested in joining the Beta-Program? Check here.
Got suggestions or feedback? Check here.
Linking your Social Media.
You can link your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and/or Google-account with your WickieMedia log-in. This provides 'easy access' to the WickieMedia website.
There are various scenarios of logging in to WickieMedia using your social media account:

No Account Yet.

If you don't have an account on WickieMedia we will automatically create one for you depending on which Social Media website you use to log-in.
With the Facebook-login we will automatically create a login for you and email you the login-details to the email-address associated with your Facebook-account.
Other Social Media logins might not be able to automatically create a new account on the WickieMedia website. In that case we will prompt you to either associate an existing WickieMedia account with your social media login, or to create a new account. Both options associate your social-media login with your WickieMedia-login after creating an account. After this you can chose to login with the associated social media login or with the username on WickieMedia.

Already Have An Account.

If you already have an account on the WickieMedia website and you wish to link a social media login to it you can simply attempt to login using any of the social media logins.
If your social media login provides an email-address which is already used by a WickieMedia User-Profile we will automatically link those. If you login with twitter for example, you can associate your twitter account to your existing WickieMedia login in the login-screen prompted.


A tutorial-video showing all the new features on the WickieMedia website will come soon.

No Posting

We won't automatically post to Facebook or any other social media website you may have linked to WickieMedia.
Retail WickieMedia Products.
If you would like to sell any of the WickieMedia products in your (web)shop we have
Workshops & Private Lectures.
We can be booked for lectures, workshops, and other types of events.
With much experience and knowledge we can be the right choice!
Want to know if we're available? Contact us here.
Sponsoring & Advertising.
WickieMedia offers a large platform with great resources to professional audio engineering, music production and design-tutorials.
With large amounts of traffic and a great following we can be a great advertisement-partner.
We offer various packages for advertisement-banners on the website and embedded in-video advertisements on our Youtube tutorials. Want to know more? Contact us here.