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Logo usage.
Through the download link below you can download the logosheet in various formats.
The zip-file contains the WickieMedia logo in appropriate colors for light/dark backgrounds in EPS, PNG, AI and EPS-format.  

wickiemedia logo's (2.20 Mb)

Background info.
Wick van den Belt (1984) started WickieMedia in 2009. Around this time he was still lecturing the Audio Engineering and Music production courses at SAE institute. 
After he left SAE he worked under the name 'wickiemedia' to produce projects for clients. Doing many jobs ranging from sound production, video production, animation work, graphic design and a lot of motion graphics.

Besides doing projects for clients he felt the need to create high-end audio engineering tutorials, explaining subjects in a very understandable way and thus making them accessible to a large number of people. With his experience as a lecturer for several years he has learned how to make sense of relatively difficult subjects and this reflects in the way he creates his tutorial videos.

This had led to 'Wickiemedia Tutorials' as a sideproject, with Wick's ambitions to grow this in to something much larger.
Besides making these videos, Wick is also the author of 'Audio engineering - Dynamic processing' and 'Audio engineering - Spectral processing', the first two books published by Wickiemedia. These are just the first two books of a whole range of other titles which are currently in the making and will be published over time.