Wick van den Belt

Creates visually compelling design, branding solutions, video productions and sound to the latest standards.


Name: Wick van den Belt.
Born: 1984 - Rotterdam.
Skills: Design, Video, Audio.
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Yes, I'm available!

“ I’m Wick van den Belt, founder of WickieMedia. I have a passion for design, motion graphics, sound and cappuchino".

I have founded WickieMedia to create a (free) platform for audio enthusiasts and home studio producers to learn about audio engineering on an academic level.

Besides these tutorials I run a commercial business doing audiovisual productions ranging from graphic design, motion graphics and sound productions.


Who's this?

WickieMedia is founded by Wick van den Belt late 2009. At first it just served as a company name to quote and invoice projects with. After a while it became this online resource and training for creatives and audio enthusiasts.

What do-we-do?

WickieMedia delivers high-end Audio, Design and Video productions. Besides that I make our high quality animated video tutorials about Audio Engineering, Sound Production, Music-Production and much more. I try to make these free tutorials widely availble and very accesible for everyone.

As a former head-lecturer at SAE Institute I have many years of experience in the field of Audio Engineering and Music-Production. After SAE I started working fulltime on WickieMedia as a company. However I still ocasionally give workshops and lectures.

So this is all free?

I manage to maintain a decent living with my work, and just love to provide you with this quality content! Therefor it is always my goal to maintain your experiences on the website free, if not very low priced. For now I’m are providing all my online courses and tutorials for free and I tend to keep it that way. I am making a little bit of money as a Youtube partner and through advertisements on this page.

Interested in advertising on my page or youtube videos? Check out the Ratesheet here. I’m also working on a series of digital publications which can be purchased through online bookstores. -I feel that this is a better way than directly asking money for my tutorials and courses.



Our Services.

Besides these tutorials and books I also do commercial projects. Over the years I have worked on various types of projects ranging from design, audio, video and everything in between!

From simple designs for print and web, to large and complex projects. Including banners, flyers, website design and branding.

Flat, 2-D, 2.5-D and 3-D animation. Much experience with various types of corporate motion graphics and video productions.

From simple voice-over and jingle editing jobs to larger and more complex sound-design and music-production, audio training, workshops & lectures.

Where we are?

I am originally from Rotterdam, The Netherlands and I used to work from there as well. Recently I have moved to Shanghai but I do projects worldwide.

I work together with various collectives and agencies in Europe and Asia. Want to know if we can do your projects? You can contact me here through the portfolio website.

I have worked for

I have worked for


WickieMedia does multimedia projects ranging from graphic design to audio and video productions.

Besides execution we can also be actively involved in the consultancy and conceptualizing phase.-Actually we love to! It makes our excecution go even smoother!

Because we offer this large amount of services we can provide all the needs for your projects throughout the whole process.

If you want to know more you can check out the portfolio page here.


Established : 2009

Keywords : Multimedia, Audio Production, Graphic Design, Print Design, Web Design, Education, Tutorials,


Web : www.wickie.media

Work : portfolio.wickie.media


I work with

Software I love:

  • Photoshop Adobe Photoshop

  • Illustrator Adobe Illustrator

  • After Effects Adobe After Effects

  • Premiere pro Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Audition Adobe Audition

  • ProTools Avid ProTools

  • Cubase Steinberg Cubase


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