Social media artwork template

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Social media artwork template
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**Update May 2015.
Updated the Social media PSD with the new Twitter Layout, Pinterest Layout, Flickr layout and added LinkedIn. I had to delete the overlay-image from the original PSD making the file size of the PSD is a little bit smaller.


Because of the re-occuring problem of fitting a new logo in to the 'square format' that most social media websites use for the avatar-image, I have made this easy to use photoshop template for you to check out what your logo will look like on various social media websites.
It's a photoshop CC document, and with the Image assets generator you can live-export all the needed files to upload your avatar and cover art for all your social media websites to create a consistent look. It works perfectly with Photoshop CC and Photoshop CC 2015.

Twitter / Facebook avatar examplesI ran in to the problem of wondering what my logo would look like online, since it will appear in so many different sizes on various social media platforms.

To get an idea of what it would look like I had created the basics of this template, for my personal use. After some thinking I made this full template for you to use.

This template can come in really handy when you:

  • are designing a logo
  • need to do a logo-presentation
  • need to create an avatar-image for use on social media websites
  • want to try out some new cover images, etc etc..

Download the PSD file here:

You can download the PSD file by tweeting, sharing on facebook or Linkedin with the button above.
WickieMedia users that are logged in can also download the PSD here.

I have made a video about how to use this photoshop template, you can check that out right here.


This template is so easy to use, and has some really helpful features to get you started right away!

  • Easy update*.
    Only update one smart-object to update the logo's and one smart-object to update the cover-images in the template for all social media websites.
  • All sizes.
    The avatars and cover-images on the websites have all the various sizes your logo will be shown in on the different social media website.
  • Web and mobile.
    The website-version as well as the mobile-apps are shown for Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Showing both your avatar and cover image.
  • Image assets enabled**.
    When you have 'File > Generate > Image assets' enabled in photoshop CC it will create a folder with all the cover-images and avatars you'll need to have in the right sizes.

*   Smart objects are available since Photoshop CS5.
** Generate image assets is available since Photoshop CC.


This is the template in photoshop. (With the overlay hidden.)

Photoshop layers panel

Setting up your images.

Setting up the template can be done quickly. All you need to do is edit the : 

  • Edit this logo - Smart Object.
    This will edit all the avatar images.
  • Edit this BG - Smart object.
    This will edit all the Cover/header images.


Photoshop template -layers

Layer structure.

The layer structure is set up for easy browsing.
All layers are placed inside the "All content" folder in the layers panel.

  • You'll find the top logo's in the first "Top logos" folder.
    These are the Logo's at various sizes that you can find on top of the document.
  • In the "iphones" folder you'll find all the different phone-mockups for the social media sites.
  • In the "websites" folder you'll find all the different social media website templates with their smart images.

I hope you'll enjoy using this photoshop template.
If you have any questions you can always post a comment and I'll try to get back to that.
Also if you like to use this template, and if it makes your life a little bit easier please consider a small donation. 

Download the PSD file here:

You can download the PSD file by tweeting, sharing on facebook or Linkedin with the button above.
WickieMedia users that are logged in can also 
download the PSD here.

You will need to have Photoshop CS5 or higher, or preferably Photoshop CC to use all this templates features.
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