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Moved to Shanghai
14 September
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Hey whats up guys, sorry for the long delay.. I have just recently moved to Shanghai (China) so things have been really hectic!
I will be working remotely so I will keep on doing my audio, video, animation and design work from here. (I will soon be up to speed and working on new tutorials and a lot more new content.)
I have just finished making my little workspace here, and I’ve got contact with some very talented musicians and studio’s here as well.

What’s coming up?

New mixing tutorials, new plugin walkthroughs and more! The mixing tutorials will continue with the third season of audio tutorials.
We will dive in to doing some real mixes, with real audio which I will provide.
I will be recording 8-track and 16-track songs which will be available as a free download. So you guys can actually work with the same material I will be using in the tutorials! This will be quite the amount of work, so we’ll need to be a little bit patient.

New plugin walkthroughs will contain of several awesome Voxengo plugins as well as some new UAD plugins. Stay tuned!
For those who are interested to follow the Chinese adventures of my and my girlfriend you can check out our blog on : http://www.movingto.asia


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I really need your help! (Cinematic trailer)
31 May
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Only 4 more days to go, and I really need your help now!
Lets Make "A Million Samples" become reality!

Check out the project on

If all of you guys could help me out here.
We are going to make a really great documentary!Big thanks to Dave Pettit http://www.davepettitt.com/- for the awesome voice-over in the intro!

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Win a Complete Audio Master Suite by Sony Creative Software!
16 May
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On top of my indiegogo campaign we are launching an awesome contest together with Sony creative software.

You can win a complete Audio Master suite including a full version of Sound Forge Pro 11, Spectralayers Pro 2, Cd architect 5.2 and a complete library of production music tracks and sound effects.This bundle also comes with a ton of Izotope and many other plugins as well. And you can actually win this complete bundle!


We’re giving away the full Audio Master Suite to whoever pledges on our campaign and can get the most referrals to also pledge on this campaign.

All you have to do is log-in to indiegogo.com and go to our indiegogo campaign which is right here.
Everyone who pledges on the “A Million Samples” basically already enters the contest.

Once You are logged in on idiegogo and use any of the share tools a unique link will be generated. Everyone who clicks your link and donates to the project will count as your referral. 

So you will have to share this link to all your friends, family and get the most backers for our project and you could win this awesome software bundle worth well over $1200! 

Friday May 23rd We’ll pick the one who has gotten the most referrals and he/she wins this complete Audio Master Suite. So Head over to “A Million Samples” on IndieGogo and let’s make this happen!



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A Million Samples Documentary & Sample Library
06 April
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I am more than pleased to announce the first WickieMedia documentary "A Million Samples".
It's going to be a full-length "WickieMedia style" documentary, all about sampling and the history of samplers.

With great video material, animations, interviews, in-depth explanations about all kinds of samplers and why thay have a certain sound.

I have prepard a lot for this documetary already in the last few months and I'm looking forward to making this into a unique documentation!

I am going to need your help to make this project become reality!

It's a lot of information so I have made a dedicated website for this project which you can find on : http://amillionsamples.wickiemedia.net.

A million samples - WickieMedia

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